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GUEST: Jason Bruckmanjason-bruckman-1872-pc_0

Jason Bruckman is the Regional Vice President of The Eastridge Group of Staffing Companies, a privately held staffing firm that has been named among the top 100 US staffing companies in both the private and public sectors. With over twelve years of staffing experience and his MBA in Entrepreneurship and Finance, Bruckman oversees the day-to-day success of Eastridge’s divisions by delivering effective workforce solutions to clients within the Administrative, Finance and Accounting, Convention, Technology and Engineering, Legal, Manufacturing and Distribution, and Health Care industries.


In episode 38 Dave talks with Jason Bruckman who is the Regional Vice President for Eastridge, they are a national staffing agency that has four offices in the Las Vegas market.  In the show they talk about how it really isn’t that expensive to use a staffing agency to hire your people when you consider the true cost of hiring them yourself.

They also talk about some of the things you should look for when contracting with a staffing agency to help you and some of the other cool things that staffing companies are offering to help make your life easier as an employer.  If you have ever had to hire employees and expect to do so again, you are not going to want to miss this show because it will help you rethink the way you hire in the future.


Corporate Offices: 702-732-8861 (Conventions, Technology and Engineering division, Legal, Healthcare, Finance and Accounting)
Henderson Offices: 702-566-9662 (Hospitality, manufacturing and distribution)
North Las Vegas Offices: 702-575-6800 (Hospitality, manufacturing and distribution)
Maryland Parkway Offices: 702-732-8906 (Construction division)

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