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Your job is to run your business. Our job is to make you look good doing it!

  • Income Tax Preparation and Consulting
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  • Entity Structuring
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  • Registered Agent Services
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  • Compliance and Auditing
We Care About Your Business

What Makes BD and Associates CPAs Different?

It is our four step system


No two businesses are alike. As a result, it is very important that we spend time learning about you and your business. You will find that in the beginning we will ask a lot of questions, some of which will make you uncomfortable, but it is so we can truly understand where you are at and what your goals are for the future. We often try to put ourselves in your shoes, so when it comes time to advise you, you aren’t left trying to figure out what to do yourself, but it is us telling you what we would do if we were in your situation. This is something most people never get from their CPA.


Because you and your business are unique, so will be the plan and strategies we propose for you. Your customized structure will include more than just tax strategies, which is where most CPA’s stop, if they even go this far. It will also include an entity structure, asset protection plan and financial analysis.


Once we have customized your plan we will advise you on the details of the plan and why it is we have put together the strategies and structure we have. We want to make sure you understand what we are proposing so you can use our plan to help you make better decisions for you and your business. It is at this point we expect you to ask a lot of questions, because it is through these questions you will come to understand the importance of what we are proposing.


Once you understand your plan and are comfortable with moving forward, we are your partner in making sure everything is implemented correctly and that things don’t fall through the cracks. This is another area where CPA’s typically drop the ball, they never insure the structure is implemented correctly and therefore, it very seldom ever is. This process may take a month or it may take two years, but it will get done in accordance with your needs and abilities.
Our Team

Meet The Dream Team

Your job is to run your business. Our job is to make you look good doing it!

Brent Barlow

Brent Barlow

Rick Douglas

Rick Douglas

We care about your business. As your partner, we are committed to your success. We are here to help you PRESERVE your income, PROTECT your assets and PRODUCE wealth.


What Can You Expect From Us?

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