Whether you are in need of a compilation, review or audit, our attestation team is here to meet your needs. We understand the importance of good financial statements prepared in a timely manner, and the third party groups who require them. We have experience in preparing financial reports for many different industries including construction, gaming, transportation, professional services, wholesale and the retail industry.


Is it time to rethink the way you approach business? Then you need to meet with one of our professional business advisors so we can help you get to the next level. With all of the responsibilities you have as a business owner, it’s nice to have a partner who can help show you a different perspective.


We realize that one of the critical services your business needs in order to be successful is a powerful tax preparation team.  As a result, our experts have been trained to provide you with the most up-to-date tax strategies available for your specific situation.  Our consultants are trained to help you minimize your federal and state tax liability in accordance with government rules and regulations.  We will also work with you to file all necessary federal and state tax forms.


Stay on top of your business and make sure you are prepared to file an accurate tax return with up-to-date and accurate books. We help you do this by offering bookkeeping packages to fit the size and complexity of your business. Our trained professionals will use QuickBooks to record all of your income and expenses and then provide you with a balance sheet and profit and loss on a monthly basis.


As a business owner you have a lot of responsibilities and are solely responsible to make sure your business succeeds. There is no reason for you to waste your valuable time processing your own payroll. Not only is it a time consuming task, it can cost you a lot of money in fines and penalties if you do not handle it correctly.

At BD & Associates CPAs we handle all of your payroll needs no matter what state your business operates in, so you have the time to take care of the things only you can do.


Setting up the right entity structure is one of the most critical things you will do for your business.  Not only will the right structure help you protect your assets from legal liability, it can also help you save substantial money in taxes.  Whether it is a LLP, LLC, C Corporation, S Corporation, or a combination of them all, we can help you establish your entity in all 50 states.


Did you know that if you use an entity to operate your business out of (Limited Liability Company, S Corporation, C Corporation) that you need to have a registered agent?  By using our registered agent services, you are always guaranteed your business is compliant with the registered agent laws of your state.

We have the ability to provide this service for you in all 50 states and the District of Columbia

CFO Services

When it comes to managing the financial aspects of your business it can all seem a little overwhelming at times. That is why we have established a team of professionals who have the experience and knowledge to help guide you with the financial decisions of your business. Whether you just need someone for a few hours, a month, or a full time CFO, we are here as your prosperity partner to help you achieve success. Call today to learn how we can assist you in overseeing the financial aspects of your business.